We've built dynamic partnerships with public and motivational speakers across the country, including "Deadliest Catch" star Nick Tokman, Dr. Samuel Jones and the New England chapter of the National Speakers' Association. We've covered events in Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Utah, just to name a few. Our services range from full-length motivational speeches to demo reels for marketing purposes. To learn more, send us an email.


"Deadliest Catch" star Nick "Sunshine" Tokman spent four years on the show before transitioning to the next phase of his career. Now

Tokman travels the country as a motivational speaker, sharing his message with thousands of people.

Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe speaks to 16,000 people as a part of SkillsUSA. The event took place in Louisville, KY.

Dr. Samuel Jones is a motivational speaker who travels across the country delivering strategies and techniques to thousands of people.