Good. Better. Best.

Are you doing your best to market your brand?

About three years ago, I met an individual who helped shape the way I looked at everything professionally.

Dr. Samuel Jones, a dynamic speaker, was appearing in Louisville. We had never met, but he watched a previous demo reel I had created for a friend of mine - "Deadliest Catch" star Nick Tokman. He hired me based on that reel.

During his talk, he said something that stopped me in my tracks, and it's something I live by every day.

"Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best."

He did not coin that phrase. The legendary former NBA star Tim Duncan did. In Dr. Jones' delivery, though, that phrase meant something much deeper to me.

This moment coincided with another lesson I once learned. When we focus on one thing, we can be exceptionally great. When we take on two tasks or challenges, we are no longer great. Instead, we are very good. Add a third element, and we might only become good or even mediocre. Why? Because our attention is divided. It is hard to be exceptional when we are struggling to be good.

That's the premise of this first blog - how you can take good marketing and make it the best.

Every week I talk to businesses who I believe can benefit from strong marketing - whether it is hiring my company or someone else. Several say something like, "I can handle it. I have an iPhone. I can balance running a restaurant and everything marketing."

Sure you can, but you're not going to be great at it. You might just be good, and in some cases, not good at all.

Why just be good when you can be at your best?

Sometimes it is the fear of letting go. I get it. Change is a hard pill to swallow. This is your baby, so why give up an aspect of it? Because you need to. If you want to take a step closer to the next level, it is a must. The restaurant business is a perfect example. There are so many compounding parts that make up the day-to-day operations of a well-oiled restaurant. The owner or manager's focus should be on what's happening inside those four walls. Make the customer experience the best in that moment.

Your job is to give them the best experience during their time with you. Our job is to get them in the door, so you can win them over and keep them as a customer for life.

It's all about teamwork.

Marketing has changed over the last five years. Heck, it changes overnight. It is impossible for entrepreneurs and small business owners to keep up with trends, hashtags, and every valuable piece of marketing when that is not your primary focus. Fortunately, that is our only focus.

The next time you are trying to juggle training your staff, preparing a large order, or thinking your iPhone might do the trick, remember...

"Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best."

It's your story, let us tell it the right way.

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