Inside the walls and on the grounds of Kentucky’s most historic sites are stories waiting to be told. Some we’ve heard, but others have yet to be uncovered. History isn’t always left in the past. Sometimes it’s alive, right in front of our eyes.


“History Alive” is a new series that blends history and the paranormal world.

For some, history speaks through the stories passed down from generation to generation or the artifacts that still remains on the grounds.


For others, there is a paranormal connection, a belief that someone is still here. Deeply rooted in historical context, our focus is to learn about the site or family who once lived there and tell a unique story. We allow history to speak to us, examining it closely.


Filmed at Waveland State Historic Site in Lexington, Kentucky, the pilot features Grant Wilson, who starred on the TV show “Ghost Hunters.”


The second episode, Shadows of White Hall, takes place at White Hall State Historic Site, and has developed into a provocative study of the Clay family legacy that has long been rumored to still be present there.


Though each episode will feel and look a little bit different, in the end we try to answer one question - is history speaking to us? And if so, how are we hearing it?